Roller shutters BECLEVER

Roller shutters BECLEVER

The best materials and resources used in production of BeClever’s roller shutter elements guarantee high quality of final products and customer satisfaction resulting from their use.

Innovative on-window roller shutters CleverBox is a flagship position in BeClever’s product offer continually developed further to changing building trends. Well- though out structure and innovatory approach to design allowed to create universal roller shutter system that gives a lot of possibilities to producers and users.

The CleverBox on-window roller shutter system ensures optimum thermal and acoustic insulation parameters which have been confirmed by certificates issued by the prestige IFT Rosenheim Institute.


Materiał PCVSterowanie za pomocą pilotaSterowanie za pomocą przełącznika
Sterowanie korboweSterowanie sznurkoweMontaż inwazyjny


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